Amplify Your Strategic Impact

Transform how you communicate, align and influence at the executive level.

This is an executive cohort program for high-potential leaders who align and influence executive stakeholders.

It's designed for those who struggle to read their audience or end up in the weeds too much.

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Woman presenting to an audiecne

You’re presenting to your VP or senior leadership...

Do you know what they’re looking for?

Presenting to senior leaders is hard. How do you impress them? Are you sending the right message?

Here’s the thing -

You can be great at execution and deploying specifics. You can be an excellent operational leader. But that doesn’t mean you know what your leaders are looking for.

Ready to showcase your strategic thinking and amplify your impact?

Here’s how you'll flip the switch from executional to strategic when interacting with executives.


Read executive audiences

Confidently pinpoint what your executive audience is looking for and create compelling communications.


Amplify your executive presence

Learn the techniques to shift your mindset from executional and operational to strategic and build a powerful executive presence.


Showcase readiness to lead at the executive level

Hit the mark with your message to demonstrate your ability to guide strategic outcomes.

5 stars. Fantastic course.

Rebecca Okamoto is a great instructor with concise delivery of keen and valuable insight!! Great course, thank you for the privilege.

— Linux Engineer

Here's what's covered

Amplify Your Strategic Impact has 3 modules covering the clarity skills you need to transform how you communicate, align and influence at the executive level.


Read and Lead Executive Audiences

This module will show you how to read executive audiences and adjust your message based on their priorities.

Here's what you'll learn

  • Identify what your executive audience is looking for.
  • Strike the perfect balance of insights and details.
  • Create a concise, strategic update or message in 10 sentences or less.


Overcome Objections

This module will show you how to anticipate your audience’s concerns, then lay out your proposal to gain agreement.

Here's what you'll learn

  • 4 strategies focus your message and present it more persuasively.
  • Framework to anticipate and preempt objections better and get to “yes” faster.
  • 5 typical objections most presenters face and how to deal with them.


Win Every Audience

In this module, you’ll learn to tailor presentations to maximize engagement and demonstrate your insights and expertise.

Here's what you'll learn

  • 4 guidelines to maximize audience engagement.
  • Create a narrative that connects, compels and motivates people to action.
  • Step-by-Step framework to present any concept in a few as 10 slides.
picture of Rebecca at a whiteboard

Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca Okamoto is a communication and personal brand consultant, and the founder of Evoke Strategy Group.

She’s on a mission to elevate diverse talent into executive positions. Rebecca specializes in coaching leaders how to present complex, game-changing, and technical concepts to senior stakeholders.

Rebecca a former supply chain executive and Procter & Gamble's first Asian woman to run supply chains in Japan, Korea and China. Today she works with corporations to change how diverse voices are seen, heard, recognized and rewarded.

Want to learn more? Visit Rebecca at

Ready to demonstrate your strategic thought leadership?

Here's how AMPLIFY YOUR STRATEGIC IMPACT works. Each module is covered over three 90-minute sessions designed to help you rapidly learn and apply concepts. This is a corporate cohort program to accelerate learning and to ensure on-the-job application and feedback.

In every session

  • Individual assessments to gauge mastery.
  • Interactive exercises and multi-functional examples to improve situational application.
  • Post-workshop assignment to apply to your individual situation (~30-60 minutes)
  • In-class and post-workshop resources to aid in applying skills.
  • Real examples and self-tests to reduce second-guessing.
  • Guided pod discussions after each session to accelerate learning (~30 minutes).
  • Office hours or individual coaching depending on program design.
picture of hands typing on laptop

Amazing, actionable advice.

Concise, to the point, and left us with real phrases that we can use every day … I wish more presenters used anecdotes and actionable items the way that this workshop did.

— Engineer

Questions that people like you ask before they own their seat and elevate their impact.

I’m super busy – are we meeting every week?

Yes, we meet once a week for 90 minutes. Sessions will be recorded if you need to make up the training or want to review it afterwards.

My topics are very technical and complex – will this really work?

Absolutely! This is designed with complex, complicated and new-to-the-world concepts in mind. Your clarity skills will also help you deal with uncertainty and pivot your message.

Is there something I need to know before I sign up?

You must already have a strong grasp of your business strategy, strategic levers and goals.

AMPLIFY YOUR STRATEGIC IMPACT is for high-potential leaders and new executives who understand strategy but find it difficult to read executive audiences and tend to over-explain in an effort to be thorough. If you don’t understand strategy, you will struggle with application.

My background is different than my peers or audience. Sometimes I get thrown off by pushback. Will this help me deal with bias, tokenism, or discounting?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Too often diverse speakers worry about discounting or being talked over. This triggers them to overcompensate, like being too granular to prove they’re smart or becoming defensive.

The clarity process addresses triggers such as unexpected pushback or dealing with hidden biases that lead to granular or overly technical explanations. This also works well for English-as-a-second-language speakers.

I love the topics, but what if I need more training or different training?

If you have additional questions, there are options we can design in from office hours to individual pod coaching. If you need something more in-depth connect with Rebecca for options.

Still wondering

"Is this right for me?"

You're READY to win and own your seat at the executive table if...

You're high-potential, BUT...

You can't seem to get the promotion. It feels like the bar keeps moving and the feedback is vague like, "Be more strategic." You need clear and actionable steps to demonstrate your strategic thought leadership.

You have a strong grasp of the business strategy, BUT...

You struggle to explain the commercial value of your ideas, especially if they are complex, new-to-the-world or moonshot.

You have a breakthrough concept, BUT...

No one seems to understand. You're tired of explaining and explaining and thinking, "WHY DON'T THEY GET IT."

You're comfortable speaking up and presenting to executives, BUT...

You want more confidence influencing and managing UP. You want to improve how you read the room, because sometimes end up in the weeds.


Win, own and elevate your seat at the table.