Introduce, market and promote your business in as few as 20 words

  • Explain your value in 20 words or less
  • Go from gatekeeper to decision-maker faster
  • Pitch, sell and negotiate on value, not price
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Struggling to explain your value and how you're unique?

Do you dread answering, "Tell me about yourself?"

Do you get stuck at the gatekeeper, and wish you could go directly to the decision maker?

Does your client or prospect keep missing your point?

Is your idea too complicated to explain quickly?

Are you worried your customer will end your contract, find a cheaper solution or bring your service in-house?

Do you wonder how to explain your competitive advantage?

If your message is CONFUSING, you're losing

Clients. Revenue. Opportunities.

End the confusion

Capture Attention. Build Demand. Win Clients. 

Get to "when can you start" faster with my help.

Explain your value

in 20 words or less.

Attract prospects

with your unique advantage. 

Convert more clients

with persuasive presentations and compelling copy.

Build demand for your brand

Make it easy for anyone to explain your value.

See the difference 20 words can make

Learn how to introduce yourself and your business in 20 words or less in this 3 part video series.

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Why 20 words work

8 seconds...  

That’s how long you have to capture someone’s attention.

Think about it: can you explain your new or complicated business in only 8 seconds?

You could talk super fast and hope you squeeze everything in. You could go for broke and explain everything in one shot, because you can’t afford to miss your opportunity.

Or, you could work with me. 

My techniques are based on what it takes to capture split second attention spans and spark people to action. 

I've studied popular bloggers, clickable headlines and viral campaigns. I watched hours of best selling webinars, stared at websites and tore apart email campaigns looking for winning, repeatable patterns.

Once I found the best strategies, I created communication frameworks that can be applied to messages of every kind. Like yours.

What you'll love...

More "Tell me more" 

  • Learn step-by-step how to attract and intrigue your clients with simple, clear messages.
  • Imagine not having to explain more, and instead, hearing, "Tell me more."

Less guessing

  • Take the guesswork out of your sales messages. 
  • Reduce the risk of losing clients. Boost your ability to win new ones.

Build trust and confidence 

  • Learn to create messages that build trust in you, and create confidence in your insights and solutions.
  • Sell and negotiate on value, not pricing.

I'm Rebecca Okamoto, and I'm the 20 word person. 

I'm the founder of Evoke, and I help entrepreneurs introduce, market and promote their businesses in as few as 20 words. 

My goal is to make it easy for everyone to master clear, concise communication. I designed fast, practical tools to help you communicate more confidently, build demand for your brand, and get the recognition you deserve. 

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What my clients say....

"Every time I engage, I can see and hear that the other person gets the picture I am trying to paint."


I feel so empowered and strong in being able to tell a story of how I can use my skills to solve their problems."

Patrice, Founder

"My introduction sets the table for the listener to ask me the questions that I really want to answer."

 "My networking conversations have improved markedly and I have procured 3 clients with potential 4th and 5th clients in the pipeline. 

I never would have gotten there without the challenge and example of reducing my introduction to 20 words. Thank you."

Jeff, CFO

"I was able to finish a presentation in half the time and got verbal approval for a large program."

"The differentiated factor working with Rebecca was the strategic story telling that provokes the audience to ask for more, and energizes them to be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

I got verbal approval for a large program that would cost a couple of millions of dollars to execute"

Ashish, IT Professional

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