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Bust the Bamboo Ceiling

ONE mistake smart Asian managers make [and how to fix it]

The curse of the Asian middle manager.

Statistics show that Asians are the least likely group to break through to the executive level. And it seems, no matter how smart you are, or how awesome your results are, it’s never enough.  

If you’re a strong, top-talent manager you’re probably making a BIG mistake. And it’s not because you’re Asian or because of bias....

Show me the fix

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Transform how you communicate, align and influence at the executive level.

AMPLIFY YOUR STRATEGIC IMPACT is an executive coaching program for newer executives and high-potential managers who are aligning and influencing executive stakeholders.

Showcase your insights

How-to's from my blog

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How NOT to Present to the CEO

Learn how to connect with industry leaders. Here's my favorite post by best-selling author, Paul Smith. Paul will show you how to connect, inspire and influence through storytelling.

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Make complicated ideas EASY for anyone to understand

Do you get tongue-tied? Or frustrated that people don't seem to understand your concepts? Here are 3 ways to explain less and be more clear.

Pitch the BIG picture in 15, 30 or 60 seconds

The elevator pitch is the essential skill that everyone needs, but few have mastered. Your struggles are over. Here's how to give a perfect pitch in 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

The Curse of the Corporate Title

Why do we pin our identities to something we can’t control, like a title, instead of focusing on something we can?

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Elevate Your Career

Practical insights you can apply today

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1 Habit that Drives Careers Off Track (and How to Fix It)

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Out Manage Your Micro-Managing Boss

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Demonstrate thought leadership in 10 sentences

Still stuck wondering why they don't get it?

"WHY DON'T THEY GET IT?" How many times has this thought run through your mind? It is soooo frustrating when you have great idea, but no one gets it.

It's even more frustrating when you see OTHER people's ideas getting approved, while you know your BETTER ideas are being dismissed.

Here's the thing...

It doesn't matter how smart you are or how brilliant your idea is, if no one understands your message.

If you're tired of hearing "I don't get it" or "That won't work," come and work with me. I'll show you how to capture split-second attention spans, win over skeptics, and challenge conventional wisdom.

You'll learn how to communicate more clearly, increase your influence, and demonstrate your ability to lead at higher levels.


My workshops are designed to help you and your organization:

  • Increase influence and effectiveness.
  • Elevate visibility.
  • Showcase strategic leadership.

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Improve your executive presence and make a credible, positive impression that captures attention.

Learn 5 power tips to project confidence, expertise and insight.


Captivate listeners and turn interactions into “tell me more” moments every time you pitch.

Discover techniques to keep your pitch focused, compelling and up to 40% more memorable.


Persuade effectively by anticipating objections and successfully overcoming concerns.

Focus your presentation, turn "no" into "yes", and build confidence in your solutions.


Create powerful presentations that connect, compel, motivate and inspire.

Tailor your message perfectly and design presentations that maximize engagement and demonstrate your insights and expertise.


Shift beliefs, align stakeholders and elevate outcomes.

Pinpoint their barrier to “yes” and activate their desire to change. Change mindsets and reframe what’s possible.


Showcase your contribution and confidently self-advocate when you explain your results.

Identify the best opportunities to be seen, be heard, and get recognized. Overcome common barriers to self-advocacy.


Workshops and Programs for leaders of every type:

Workshops can be offered standalone, bundled into a bootcamp, or executed over time as a program.





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