Why 20 words work

8 seconds...  

That’s how long you have to capture someone’s UNDIVIDED attention.

8 seconds is the tiny window of time it takes your listener to decide to stay tuned in.

Or not.

Yikes, some people can't even say their names in 8 seconds.

Uh oh... do you have a strategy to explain your new idea or complicated solution before the window slams shut?

You could talk super fast and hope you squeeze everything in. You could go for broke and explain everything in one shot because you can’t afford to miss your opportunity.

Meanwhile.... your listener’s attention has wandered off and their mind is racing on a 1000 other priorities.

Here’s the thing...

Traditional training tells you WHAT to say with fill-in-the-blank templates.

BUT traditional training doesn't tell you HOW to zero-in on what's most critical to capture split-second attention spans and create "Tell me more" moments.

It also doesn't tell you HOW to sequence your messages to keep people on the edge of their seats, or how to position your points that make people feel like you're reading their minds.

I used to be wordy and overwhelm my listeners with long lists and boring details. I struggled with clarity and was always frustrated that they didn't get my message.

Then I learned how to win over the 8-second attention span.

And instead polite nods and "I don't get it" responses, people starting PULLING me for details.

Wow.... 20 words changed everything.

20-words is NOT the same ol' training you've seen again and again.

I studied popular bloggers, clickable headlines, and viral campaigns. I watched hours of best-selling webinars, stared at websites, and tore apart emails looking for winning, repeatable patterns from the most persuasive people on the planet.

When I found the best strategies, I created communication frameworks that could be applied to messages of every kind.

Feeling frustrated? Tired of second-guessing yourself? Ready to keep people on the edge of their seats? Come see what 20-words can do for you.


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