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 Clarity Accelerator

OPEN NOW: Fast, practical online course with 3 self-paced modules  

Perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to improve their clarity to capture, convince and convert more clients.

Learn the essential 3 skills to rapidly build your pipeline and convert more leads into sales.

  • Confidently explain your value in 20 words or less and build more demand for your brand.
  • Easily pitch and promote your brand and build a pipeline of interested leads.
  • Successfully anticipate, preempt and overcome objections to close clients faster.

B2B Accelerator

Webinars and Workshops

Designed for businesses that want to sell better to other businesses, I offer workshops on pitching and selling, in particular, higher-priced products or services.

Learn techniques to promote your value so you can retain your current clients, gain new ones, upsell services and unseat the incumbent provider.

  • Learn how to pitch to gatekeepers so you can get straight to the decision-makers.
  • Shift your pitch to sell and negotiate on VALUE, not price.
  • Promote your unique value to reduce the risk of losing clients and boost your chances of winning new ones.
  • Position your idea, brand, or asset as a must-have product or service.
  • Differentiate your business with a tangible, competitive advantage that showcases why your solution is ideal.
  • Learn to turn complicated topics into easy to understand messages, Perfect for selling ideas and innovation internally and externally.

Contact me to learn more about what workshops are right for your business, and how they can be customized.


Want a customized solution? Or need something different?

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I consult with businesses to assess and improve communication assets and strategies.

I offer problem-solving workshops where your organization can build their skills and apply techniques in real-time to your real challenges.

I offer strategic communication programs for executives and high potential managers who are leading at the company-wide or industry-wide level.

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Work with me directly 

Gamechangers Workshop

COMING SOON: 2 day intensive workshop  

In-person workshop designed for complex or corporate sales cycles. Best for pitching pioneering or game changing products and services to clients or investors.

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Build your organization's skills with onsite or webinar based training

Ask about ALL of our workshops. Then create a custom bootcamp or your own training series.


Get customized solutions for your business or brand

I offer assessments and customized programs. I also offer strategic communications for high potential managers and new executives.

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Already getting clarity in how to articulate what I really have to offer.

Ellie, Founder

I learned more in one 60 minute workshop than from a 2-day class that cost thousands of dollars

I learned more from Rebecca than in any other personal development course in my 22 year career.

Julie, SVP Consumer Analytics

It feels so refreshing to say my tag line and not see question marks on people's faces

This service is SO valuable! It feels so refreshing to say my tag line and not see question marks on people's faces. Instead they ask, "Oh, how do you do that?"

Gabriella, Founder

Are you struggling with your clarity?

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