Introduce, market and promote your brand, your business, and yourself in 20 words or less.

  • Pitch and sell with more success
  • Build and promote a powerful personal brand
  • Communicate more clearly, confidently and strategically

See the difference 20 words can make

Tired of people missing your point? Dread answering, "Tell me about yourself"?

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Introduce yourself perfectly in 20 words or less

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Explain your unique advantage in 20 words or less

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I'm Rebecca Okamoto, and I'm the 20 word person. 

I'm the founder of Evoke, and I help professionals introduce, market and promote themselves in 20 words or less. 

My goal is to make it easy for everyone to master clear, concise communication. I designed fast, practical tools to help you communicate more confidently, build demand for your brand, and get the recognition you deserve. 

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What my clients say....

"Every time I engage, I can see and hear that the other person gets the picture I am trying to paint."

"I feel so empowered and strong in being able to tell a story of how I can use my skills to solve their problems."

Patrice, Founder

"My introduction sets the table for the listener to ask me the questions that I really want to answer."

 "My networking conversations have improved markedly and I have procured 3 clients with potential 4th and 5th clients in the pipeline. 

I never would have gotten there without the challenge and example of reducing my introduction to 20 words. Thank you."

Jeff, CFO

"I was able to finish a presentation in half the time and got verbal approval for a large program."

"The differentiated factor working with Rebecca was the strategic storytelling that provokes the audience to ask for more, and energizes them to be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

I got verbal approval for a large program that would cost a couple of millions of dollars to execute."

Ashish, IT Professional

Why 20 words work

8 seconds...  

That’s how long you have to capture someone’s UNDIVIDED attention.

Yikes, some people can't even say their names in 8 seconds.

Here’s the thing...

Traditional communication training tells you WHAT to say with fill-in-the-blank templates.

BUT it doesn't teach you clarity.

Clarity is the skill of zeroing in on what's most critical to your audience and capturing their split-second attention spans. It's the skill of being seen, heard, and remembered, and activating the desire to change.

I used to be wordy and overwhelm my listeners with long lists and boring details. I was frustrated when people didn't get my message, and no matter how many communication classes I took, I was stuck.

Then I learned how to be clear.

I discovered that 20 words can be MORE memorable and impactful than 20 slides or 20 minutes of talking. And I went from polite nods and "I don't get it" responses, to people PULLING me for details.

Wow.... 20 words changed everything.

Feeling frustrated? Tired of second-guessing yourself? Ready to keep people on the edge of their seats? Come see what 20 words can do for you.

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